Chiptole Mexican Grill’s E. Coli Outbreak Hits Six States and Sends Shares Plummeting Down

Over 40 people have taken ill from E. coli food poisoning after consuming food at Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants in six different states. This statement was released by federal health officials on Friday after the outbreak. The negative press has seriously affected shares in the popular burrito chain. It has sent Chipotle shares plummeting down […]

U.S. Consumer Price Increase Sparks Rate Rise Speculation

The rise in consumer prices in the United States could be an indication that inflation may be rising once again. The figures, accompanied by strong employment numbers in the United States, also spark a speculation that the Federal Reserve will increase rates in December. The country’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 0.2% in October […]

The Rate of Smoking Continues to Decline Among U.S. Adults

According to preliminary statistics released by the government for the first half of 2015, less than 15% of American adults currently smoke. This rate is lower than a report released earlier indicating that 16.8% adults were smoking in 2014. The National Health Interview Survey has been carrying out a study in conjunction with the Centers […]

Clinton Foundation Accused of Fund Mismanagement

One of Hillary Clinton’s family charities is being accused by the U.S. Republican Party of misuse of funds. The Republican Party made a formal complaint against the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation after they exacted that the charity was not in a position to refile erroneous tax returns. The Republican wants the Internal Revenue […]

Tensions Between China And U.S. Over Territory Disputes

Top US defense officials called for improved military cooperation between the US and China following concerns over territorial disputes in South China Sea. China’s foreign ministry strongly condemned the U.S naval operation, claiming that they were challenging china’s territorial claims. This was following an operation by a US Navy destroyer within twelve nautical miles of […]

U.S. Allegedly Spends $43 Million on Afghanistan Gas Station

A report released by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) indicates that the United State’s government spent about $ 43 million to build a gas station in Afghanistan, nearly 140 times than it should have cost. The SIGAR says that it was even more “troubling” that the Department of Defense was unable or […]

Consumer Spending Causes Uptick in US Economy

Based on the suggestions from a report released by the Federal Reserve, consumer spending, and a vibrant housing market spurred relative U.S growth in the late summer. The manufacturing sector was not as positively affected, partly because of a strong dollar. The Fed said that 9 of its 12 regional banks reported modest growth from […]