Standoff Between Police and Gunman at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs

A lone gunman was under arrest on Friday after opening fire at a local Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The gunman wounded numerous people after hours firing off his gun and engaging in defiant battles with police authorities, who were inside of the building.
Police Lt. Catherine Buckley was on site and observed all of the events transpiring with the gunman. “There were about eleven people injured in this conflict with the gun, five of the eleven were police officers, who were all taken to hospitals in the area,” revealed the female officer about the shooting incident at Planned Parenthood.

Police authorities were still trying to determine if anyone one else was still inside of the building.
Authorities will be looking into and examining several items that the gunman left outside of the Planned Parenthood location. There was also some items that he carried into the building.

The number of people who were evacuated from the Planned Parenthood building during the standoff is unknown. Some of these people were wrapped in blankets as the snow was falling outside heavily. These evacuees were taken to a Veterans Administration clinic that was close by.
Three officers were wounded during the standoff with the gunman at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic. The report of repeated shots being fired at the clinic came into police authorities a little before noon. About two hours later, the gunman would injure a fourth officer, which occurred when the gunman got into a fierce shooting battle with police inside of the building.

Police don’t know yet what the apparent motive of the gunman was. He had a reason for going in there and openly firing his gun to inflict harm. Authorities just haven’t been able to determine if the shooter did have some connection to Planned Parenthood or not. The shooter’s name has not been released either. What his motive was for the attack is still anyone’s guess.

“We don’t have any existing information…on this person’s mentality, or even, what his ideas or ideology are all about,” Lt. Catherine Buckley reported to the media about the shooting incident.

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