Chiptole Mexican Grill’s E. Coli Outbreak Hits Six States and Sends Shares Plummeting Down

Over 40 people have taken ill from E. coli food poisoning after consuming food at Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants in six different states. This statement was released by federal health officials on Friday after the outbreak. The negative press has seriously affected shares in the popular burrito chain. It has sent Chipotle shares plummeting down to a record 12% low in 18 months.

This apparent outbreak of E. coli has managed to expand itself further. It has spread to nearly a half dozen states including Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, Ohio, California, and New York. News of the outbreak started at the beginning of November, and Chipotle Mexican Grill will suffer major repercussions from the outbreak. This is because the outbreak was originally thought only to be affecting just the northwest alone; however, that isn’t the case, and this reality is putting a lot of fear into many people from all over the country.

Originally, news of this E. coli food poisoning outbreak did state that it had only afflicted three states; however, the present expansion of the outbreak has indicated something totally different, and this is that it is far worse than what was first projected. This is not good news at all for Chipotle Mexican Grill. Potentially, this could put them out of business and be their undoing in the restaurant industry as E. coli food poisoning is a very serious and life-threatening condition.

Those who have suffered exposure to this E. coli food epidemic are expected to recover. Nonetheless, it still isn’t acceptable for patrons to eat at a restaurant, and come down with a case of food poisoning like this. The amazing thing is that this outbreak is only appearing within Chipotle, which indicates a problem within the restaurants themselves. E. coli is a very dangerous form of food poisoning that can kill if left undetected in individuals. This is why news of this growing outbreak is making people fearful and hurting Chiptole’s business.

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