Could ‘Deez Nuts’ Be Our President?

If you are up to date with what is going on in the presidential campaign, you must have heard of the 15-year-old U.S presidential candidate Brady Olson, otherwise known as Deez Nuts. Well, if you haven’t heard of him, it might catch your attention to know that he now driving more traffic than Hillary Clinton on Google.

Deez Nuts has been dodging the cameras for a while now but when news reporters caught up with him for his first TV interview, he had a quite a lot to say. In his interview, Nuts discussed everything from illegal immigration to how he came up his interesting name; never mind that the interview was only four minutes long.

While Olson had a lot to say in the interview, it was his thoughts on the American politics that got the attention of the many. Olson said that America should adopt a multiparty system just like Canada. By this, he meant that America should have more than two parties like “his northern neighbors.”

Canada, unlike the United States which has two-party representation at the federal level, has 20 federally registered political parties. Through an e-mail that he sent to CBC News, Olson said he would like to see more participants in the presidential debate as it happens in Canada.
He says that he loves the fact that there are more than two people in the Canadian presidential debate. According to him, it is “weird” to have only two parties with representation at the federal level.

Olson may be a couple of decades away from being eligible to vie for the presidency but has featured prominently in the social media since he announced his intention to run. He filed his statement of candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission on July 26.

In the recent survey, it was found out that Deez Nuts was polling at 9% in North Carolina when pitted against the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Republican Donald Trump. This was just one day before Google made an announcement that he had surpassed Clinton in terms of traffic.

Olson’s official campaign website is In the website, Nuts says he is still contemplating whether to run for the nomination with one of the several political outfits including the American Populist Party, the Rent is Too Damn High or the Modern Whig Party.
When quizzed about the Canadian party that he would most likely support, Olson said that he would support the New Democratic, Green and the Liberal party. He may not eligible right now, but who knows what the future holds for Deez Nuts.

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