Father And Two Sons From NJ, Join Fight Against ISIS

A father and his two sons have decided to join in the fight against ISIS in Northern Iraq. The father made the decision after his two sons, James and Josh told him they wished to travel to Kurdistan to join with Peshmerga in confronting the ISIS. Having spent twenty years in the service of his country as a U.S Marine, a Civilian police, and a Staff Sergeant with the U.S Army National Guard, Harry M. decided he would not let them join the fight without him. Their decision was however not received very well by their families who remain concerned about their safety. But they said they were ready for the cause and were fully aware of the dangers and risks involved.

This decision came after he has already retired from the service and was living in his home in New Jersey. The older of the two sons, Josh, is twenty-nine years old. He has served in the U.S marine as a machine gun operator in addition to serving two tours in Afghanistan. According to Josh, his decision to join in the fight came after thinking about what the innocent Iraqis were going through in dealing with the ruthless ISIS on a daily basis. ISIS took over after the U.S Military pulled out of Afghanistan.

James on the other hand, is twenty-three years. He has also served two tours in Afghanistan as an infantryman before returning home and registering for college. He was also a rifleman and believes his contribution along with his brother and dad would make a big difference. His desire to leave for Afghanistan arose from his passion to serve and gain experience as a combat cameraman.

James came up with the idea of leaving for Kurdistan where he intends to document the war. However, his brother and father, who was a sniper, came on board to join him in the mission. Now, the three of them have already left to the Middle East to record what they can manage. However, they also intend to help in the war against the ruthless ISIS.
James further noted that, if the military or conventional forces had been joining the war, they would have already signed up. Since the army was not going, they decided they would go on their own and join with other fighters to confront ISIS under their own terms since they had the ability.

This decision comes after a number of U.S citizens have voluntarily joined other groups in the fight against the ISIS. The U.S government remains aware of the move by its citizens, but insists such moves are not in support or part of its efforts in the region. ISIS has threatened the U.S and warned that their military should watch out for them. However, it seems some U.S citizens have now declared to take the war to them instead.

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